Master Emotional Intelligence.

Our emotions dictate every aspect of our lives.
Master it, and you’ll master ‘you’.

"This will change your life."

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A stress-free life is possible.

You cannot change difficult people, events, or memories, but you can control your thoughts and emotional reactions towards them. Master your inner world so you can have a stress-free experience with your outer world.

  • Home Life
  • Work Life
  • Social Life

Real success. Real relationships.

The most successful people in the world, successful in both their professional and personal lives, have one thing in common, and it's not high IQ. It's high EQ, emotional intelligence. It's the code for real success.

  • Families
  • Relationships
  • Leadership

Experience true freedom.

Exercising better choices is an untapped power. Take charge of how you experience life by understanding your emotions, thought patterns and social interactions. Unlock deeper awareness and access greater levels of peace and happiness.

  • Confidence
  • Motivation
  • Inner Peace

Truly master ‘you’,
for only $25.

It’s a one-off payment for lifetime access to 7 life-changing chapters, 24 powerful mindset tools, and 18 interactive exercises.

Success & happiness is not a lifestyle one can earn, it’s a mindset one must learn. It's the skill of navigating difficult emotions and unsettling thoughts. It's not about IQ, it's about EQ.

Become emotion-smart, and master ‘you’.

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What's Included

7 Chapters 24 Powers 18 Exercises


2 Powers1 Exercise
  • Why this, why now?

    Reviving Emotional Intelligence
  • Exploring ‘Emotions’

    Building Your Emotional Vocabulary
  • Power of Emotion

    The Energy That Guides Everything

Your Emotions

3 Powers3 Exercises
  • Your Biggest Ally

    It All Starts With Self-Awareness
  • Emotional Competence

    Self-Control Put To Its Test
  • Tracing Roots of Emotion

    Deconstructing & Releasing

Your Thoughts

2 Powers4 Exercises
  • Controlling Mental Chatter

    Getting A Grip On Your Thoughts
  • Catching Cognitive Biases

    Your Self-Sabotaging Blind Spots
  • Reframing Your Experiences

    Flipping Your Emotional State
  • Releasing Expectations

    Jumping Off The Hedonic Treadmill

Social Emotions

3 Powers3 Exercises
  • Understanding Others Better

    Foundation Of Authentic Connection
  • Preventing Loneliness

    Key To Building Deeper Relationships
  • Accelerate Personal Impact

    Tiny Acts, Big Shifts.

Social Thoughts

4 Powers4 Exercises
  • Your Shadow Self

    Conflict’s Best Friend
  • Taming Your Ego

    Conflict’s Second Best Friend
  • Your Reality Is Not Universal

    Embracing Different Perspectives
  • Becoming Response-able

    Owning Your Power Of Choice

Emotional Resilience

6 Powers3 Exercises
  • Dealing With Life’s Battles

    Navigating Your Lowest Moments
  • Setting Healthy Boundaries

    Owning Your Voice
  • Dealing With Triggers

    Being Proactive, Not Reactive.

Emotion Regulation

4 Powers
  • Double Down On Gratitude

    Living Life On A High
  • Balance Your Body’s Budget

    The Impact Of Your Physiology
  • Give Your Mind A Break

    Creating Moments Of Inner Calm
  • Exercise Your EQ

    Continuing The Journey
24 Powers

Powerful mindset tools that can be applied to identify, understand and master your thoughts and emotions.

18 Exercises

Interactive introspective exercises reveal thoughts and emotions that are affecting your mental and emotional states.

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