The Creators

Hi, my name's Hakeem, one of the co-founders of Emotion-Smart. Over the years, my appreciation of the impact of emotional intelligence on both my personal life and business success has grown significantly. It's clear there is huge oversight in this critical area of life. My dear friend Sukun Chopra, an inspiring advocate of emotional intelligence, agreed to take on the challenge of enlightening the world with an informative and interactive app to balance the scales of EQ vs IQ.

We both wish to see many in our own personal lives and those around us in society live happier and healthier lives, and as difficult as that challenge may be, we're determined to try our best to make that vision become a reality. Throughout the Emotion-Smart app, you'll be reading our enlightening words designed and structured into a beautifully simple experience, taking you on a powerful journey of emotional growth.

To find out more about us, read our bio's below.

Sukun Chopra

Lead Author

Sukun Chopra is a content creator of all things EQ (emotional intelligence). Born and raised in Delhi & Sydney, she's witnessed how a fundamental lack of emotional self-awareness can affect an individual's state of being. With a deep passion for understanding the human psyche, she was inspired to embark on a journey of creating emotional awareness in a world that has historically been obsessed with IQ.

Sukun started sharing insights on self-awareness on social media during the COVID pandemic, a height of emotional turmoil for many. With her love for diving deep in meaningful conversations, she also started her podcast “Becoming an Epic Being”, inspiring Gen Z's to challenge conventional beliefs and navigate the obstacles that prevent them from leading authentic lives. Emotion-Smart is simply one of her many endeavours aimed at helping people thrive in their authentic being.

You can learn more about Sukun at:

Hakeem Javaid

Designer & Co-Author

Hakeem Javaid started coding at the age of 11. Born and raised in the UK, his passion for designing and creating innovative, engaging experiences was born from a deep love for art and an interest in user psychology.

From producing countless apps to building multi-million dollar tech businesses, Hakeem learnt from a young age that anything is possible with enough self-belief, hard work and determination. His understanding and application of EQ played a vital role on his journey. As a result, his work has won numerous awards for design and innovation. Emotion-Smart is one of his most passionate projects, the first of many he wishes to create that is focused on helping society live happier lives.

You can learn more about Hakeem at: